Cause and Effect

I was pondering where to start with this throwback gig, Europe, North America, Asia, Australia. When you travel with the circus you get around a bit, cont…

I wanted to do a throw back thing, you know, since all the cool kids are doing it these days, although just recently I creak so much when I walk I’m pretty sure I don’t class as either cool or a kid anymore!

I was pondering where to start with this throwback gig, Europe, North America, Asia, Australia.  When you travel with the circus you get around a bit.  I could start at the very beginning, in the back woods of Yorkshire but I don’t think I’m into writing out my life story, far too messy! So I thought I would start with the most important memory I can think of, one that shaped my future and the man that made that possible.

You may be surprised to hear that that man isn’t my husband, and before I go any further I just want you to know he’s OK with that,  I think that it may have even been a condition of our first date.  Went a bit like this – My best friend is a guy, and nearly ten years on  hes still OK with that in fact, they are the best of friends and Piglet was our maid of honor at our wedding.

I met Piglet in a basement, he decided we should be friends I decided he was annoying, the rest is history.  We have seen each other through break ups and marriages, births and deaths, boundless joy and crushing depression, but mostly years of travel and thousands and thousands of miles.  No matter where I am in the world I can call and he is there and that is a truly special bond that will never be broken.

Which brings me to the memory in question. At the time I was in London,  living pay check to paycheck in house I couldn’t afford, living a life I couldn’t afford.  It was late, It was freezing, and I was sat on a cold concrete monument with my best friend below my apartment eating Indian food.  I had been offered the most amazing opportunity to travel the world doing what I loved and I was too afraid to walk the 20 feet to my apartment to tell my  boyfriend.

As I sat there in the cold trying to work it out, piglet said the one thing I will never forget.

If you don’t go you will always wonder what could have been.

That night I told my boyfriend I was leaving, I left a week later. It was December 28th 2008, I have not lived in England since.

Do I look at that conversation through rose tinted glasses, probably.  Did it change the course of my life? Absolutely.  No matter how hard it is being so far from home, I wouldn’t change a thing. I met the love of my life on my travels, have seen some incredible breathtaking corners of the world and would  never for a second give back the beautiful eclectic mad people I have met along the way.  Cause and effect have shaped my world but none more so than my conversation that night with Piglet.


With my ‘maid’ of honor, 2012

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