Day 1 – January 1st 2018

I can never quite work out whether my obsession is born from constant movement or something else, but I do have an obsession with the concept of home. Cont…

I have always believed that the journey is the adventure and the final destination is secondary to the collection of experiences you get along the way.  My view was solidified by traveling with the circus, there really is no end destination on the road, just the next city.  You really learn to live in the moment, appreciate your surroundings and love the people you share the experiences with.  It is a life lesson I am very grateful for and something that has affected how I live my life.

That is in all cases but one.

This is a tricky post for me to write, its probably my most personal thing, most people think its laughable,  probably because I always talk about it obsessively usually with a silly grin on my face. Making light of something personal is a great defense mechanism!  I can never quite work out whether my obsession is born from constant movement or something else, but I do have an obsession with the concept of home.

When I left England for the first time in 2006, in attempt to free myself of student debt, gain experience and see the world, I left with not much, but one  thing I did carry with me was a photo taped to the inside of my suitcase.  The photo was of a house. Not one I owned, it was chocolate box thing with a thatched roof and roses around the door. In my wildest dreams I never thought I could own such a thing, but I wanted to try, one day I wanted to have one just like it, a space to call my own, to raise a family, have chickens, grow food, you know… live happily ever after.  Life goals right 🙂

It has not been an easy road, sometimes it has seemed impossible.  Some people want fame and fortune, I wanted a home and I found it in the most unlikely of places, Michigan USA.

And here I am.

In my life I have moved over 30 times, I hate moving, but the thought of finding home always pushed me on,  and now the journey is coming to a close.  After 10 years of saving, going without, moving and staying focused. I finally found it. My home, and I cant quite believe it is real.

Its a hot mess, its going to take years of love, sweat equity and patience. But it has an old soul, she’s a grand old lady that deserves the time it takes to restore her, I cant wait to get started.  I have fondly named her Bear House, and I may be in love.




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